How to Make SiteLinks

There are 4 Step to make create SiteLinks to show in google search engine for your Blog. actually

there are several requirement in order to get the sitelinks appears. in google webmaster sitelinks are

automatically generated links, which can appear in the search results of your site, if you do not want

to appear as a links site pages you can demote. this means (remove demote), okay to make sitelinks

you must go to google webmaster and demote to appear sitelinks and remove demote to remove

sitelinks appear in search result. sitelinks is very helpful for visitors to accelerate or shorten the

search for an article in the page they want to read or see, with sitelinks then visitors will be pleased

to shorten their time in searching for a page that is very relevant and helpful as you can see this

sitelinks image in search result.

sitelinks google

If Penivagi can make sitelinks and so you are :

1. Link and Title must be same.

2. After that submit your blog site to webmaster and link to google analytics.

3. Your Blog Site need a lot of visitors to get SiteLinks.

4. Read from Google Webmaster

the important if your blog sites have sitelinks :

a. When people search for your keyword in google search result they will choose what link is very

important and helpful to reduce time find another keyword.

b. Your blog sites will be higher value in the eyes of visitors.

c. certainly be an honor for you.

If you follow this step 1 2 and 3, you will get sitelinks in google search but your title must show at

the top of google search engine to get fast a sitelinks for your blog site or wordpress.

now Google update a new search box sitelinks, how to make sitelinks search box? The sitelinks

search box appears only for navigational queries and when relevant for users. Google algorithms use

a variety of factors to determine when the box appears, including the information on the site and

different types of navigational queries from Search users. you can find your answer from :

How to make your blog or site get indexed and get PR (PageRank) in google search. Penivagi will

reveal the secrets to get PR for your blog and get more visitors to your blog site, the next article How

to Get PageRank.

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