How to Get PageRank 1

Almost blog site want to get find pagerank no 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 in google, how to get PR in the

google. there is simple step to get the page rank 1 for your blog site. you must understand the google

algorithm, a new page content and fresh different content from other site will make your blog is

unique. anyway you must have a unique title blog and link that make google webmaster indexed fast

your content page to become a list of keyword. after you see a several keyword queries in webmaster

now you must find a relevan keyword queries in a list. make a new page and new content while

implement that queries into your keyword of page title, the most shown up queries keyword in

webmaster then find the right one for a new page title. is this important? yes of course it is very

important for blog site to get pagerank from google.
pagerank google
the number 1 is high that is means to get PR 1 is easy but then to get PR 2 more difficult from PR 1.

a blog site will be more get popular when the other site put your link to your link, because your

content of blog site is more useful than the other blog site, pagerank calculated within 1 - 10.

There are something that why your blog site never get PR 1 or always in PR 0, the reason is.

1. Have a big competitor who want that keyword.

2. Have a dynamic link in your blog site.

3. Low visitor visit your blog site.

4. New blog site and need more traffic.

5. Old blog site never change for a new content.

6. To long for google webmaster to index your blog site.

7. Your content same as other people blog's sites.

whether there is same things as above, the way out is make a change fast to your content page and

reindexed again in google webmaster. once that is done, share your blog site to social network. and

always check the existing keywords in google webmaster. to get PR 1 do you need min 75 backlinks

up to 500 backlinks from not reputable site. but when a reputable site give a backlinks to your blog

site, you just need 1 reputable with high PageRank to boost your blog site up and share PageRank

with your blog sites. after all is done now is to check your Pagerank in google search pagerank check.

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