Why My Blog Sites Get Blocked

Did your blog or site get blocked it because of there are many reason. so dizzy also want go to blog

site when get blocked, how to get unblocked and how to access the site or blog. are blocked site or 

blog can be access again or not? Can that site to be unblock? the answer is yes, you can get unblock 

site with your own way and believe with yourself.

the first you must do is simple.

1. change your link into a new link. 

2. rewrite content of your page. 

3. after all is done, submit your page again into webmaster for indexed. 

4. while you wait for a new indexed from webmaster to appear in google or other browsers do not 

     forget to link your site with google analytic.

traffic is means everything without traffic, your blogs and site not be able run smoothly if there are

no visitor to your site. that's why your page link missing from the ranking in google search engine

then it will no visitors will come to your site.
 2 Tips how to unblock with proxy

Cerita Hantu

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