Using Google Sites for Adsense

How to use a google site? after you write full of content from google site and then what will you

do with that site? are you going to monetize with adsense or find affiliate that help your part time to

get more salary or you just share anything what you know about business. the answer yes you can do

anything what you want with google site. the first time you make a site what do you think, what day

do you have time to write in your site, this ask is very confuse. forget it okay, in google site you can

create a site it like be same as blogger wordpress and etc.

the first you want is how to monetize site, with google site you can monetize with adsense after you

write content in your google site. remember before you go into adsense, then you must in faithfully

you will never make a mistake of the agreement between you and adsense. previously read the rule

of law that adsense make for publisher. the agreement includes the employment contract, after read

 the understanding these rules you can submit your site to adsense.

your content in google site should like :

1. Fresh content and not copied from other people's site, you can tell your story about your life, or

    when the first time you are in vacation or anything.

2. Never upload photos or image from other people's site, upload photos from your phone cell or

    camera it will be good.

3. At least you must create 5 page with different content, each page should be linked each other.

4. The last is submit your site and wait for review from google adsense, it may take 2 - 4 days

    process for confirmation.

There is just 2 message from google adsense to your mail, you are welcome or rewrite again your

content. good luck and tes your skill in write of new content for the approval.

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