Add Hreflang for Blog

Add hreflang for blog is a recommendation from google it is not to late for you to adding hreflang

for your blog sites. many websites serve users from around the world with content translated or

intended for users in a specific region. in webmaster, google uses attributes recommendation

rel="alternate" hreflang="x" to present the regional language and correct URL in the google search

result. you can look at this image to make you understand how to implement hreflang in blog.

Add Hreflang for Blog
1. Add hreflang in template (html), the code will look like this .

<link href='' hreflang='en-ca' rel='alternate'/> en-ca (english - canada)

<link href='' hreflang='en-ie' rel='alternate'/> en-ie (english - ireland)

en-ca and en-ie that is means english users in canada or ireland.

2. hreflang code will auto submit after you add the code in point no (1) in template (html) blog.

always check in google webmaster.

3. to find error you can always check in google webmaster or you can check in Hreflang Testing Tool

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